The Academy’s Performing Arts curriculum gives pupils the opportunity to engage in creative self-expression through both Music/Nasheed and Drama.

Through our Music and Nasheed curriculum, pupils will learn about the different dynamics of music, including pitch, tempo and timbre. Through a range of performances, they will convey and inspire a multitude of emotions and feelings. All pupils will have the opportunity to participate in the Academy’s Nasheed choir.

Our aim in Drama is to help pupils to explore the world around them and to ignite their creativity, passion and interest in drama and the theatre. Pupils are given the opportunity to develop their understanding of drama practitioners and performance styles through evaluating and performing a diverse collection of dramatic texts, which span a range of genres.

Pupils are required to make independent decisions and be self-critical, but also take into consideration the thoughts, feelings and ideas of others.

Curriculum Overview
Year 7 Year 8 Year 9
  • Unit 1: Storytelling and Problem Solving ‘The Apothecary’
  • Unit 2: People and Places ‘Evacuees’
  • Unit 3: Dance ‘Dance Using Sport Movements’
  • Unit 4: Devising and Presenting ‘’Dragons Den’
  • Unit 5: Set Narrative and Script Work ‘James and the Giant Peach’
  • Unit 6: William Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’
  • Unit 1 – Style and Genre ‘Melodrama’
  • Unit 2 – People and Places ‘Anne Frank’
  • Unit 3 – Dance ‘Olympic Movements’
  • Unit 4 – Issues ‘Conflict’
  • Unit 5 – Social Response: Consequences ‘The Stones’
  • Unit 6 – Set Narrative and Script Work ‘Oliver!’ or ‘The Lion King’
  • Unit 1 – An Exploration of Music
  • Unit 2 – William Shakespeare’s Macbeth
  • Unit 3 – Willy Russell’s Blood Brothers



Internal assessments take place every half-term. Year 9 Creative Arts is embedded into and taught alongside the English Curriculum.

Enrichment Offer

The Performing Arts Department offers subject-specific enrichment clubs and organises a range of educational visits and theatre trips throughout the year. Pupils who join our Nasheed Choir benefit from regular rehearsals and have the opportunity to perform during school and community events. Intervention sessions to consolidate prior learning and ensure maximum progress are at the heart of our delivery model.