WELCOME from the


A very warm welcome to Eden Girls’ Leadership Academy, Manchester.

Through our vision to nurture today’s young people and inspire tomorrow’s leaders, we aim to offer our pupils a transformative educational experience which will prepare them for success personally, academically and socially. Using innovative teaching techniques supported by the best of modern technology, our pupils follow a curriculum that is designed to enthuse, enrich and engage them, exposing them to scholarly thinking from a young age and encouraging them to critically engage with subject content.

Our school’s leadership specialism, coupled with our commitment to educational excellence, character development and service to communities, creates an aspirational environment where every pupil is encouraged to achieve the best possible outcomes. Through cultivating a culture that rewards excellence, values achievement, encourages creativity and inspires pupils to become a force for good in their local communities, our pupils will become productive and effective contributors to society and act as ambassadors for our STAR values of service, teamwork, ambition and respect.

All of our pupils are encouraged to explore their own unique talents and have the opportunity to participate in a diverse range of enrichment activities. We have a programme of personalised intervention support to ensure all of our pupils are fulfilling their potential, and pupils are able to pursue the subjects they enjoy and excel at with a view to progressing to Russell Group Universities and the leading professions. We want our young women to believe that anything is possible and we are committed to equipping them with all of the skills they need to become the leaders of tomorrow.

Our drive for excellence is underpinned by a robust pastoral care system designed to ensure that all of our pupils feel safe, happy and well at the academy.

Of course, in order to fulfil our ambitions, we rely on the collective efforts and support of all of our stakeholders. I feel privileged to work alongside staff, pupils, parents and the Local Governing Body and I am proud of the way we all strive to ensure that Eden Girls’ Leadership Academy is synonymous with excellence. Our unity, collective purpose and sustained commitment will be the catalyst for our future success.

Emma Merva