WELCOME from the


It is a privilege to hold the position of Chair of Governors at Eden Girls’ Leadership Academy, Manchester. My fellow governors and I are committed to ensuring that the Academy provides the highest quality of education and delivers the best possible outcomes for the young women in our care.

We work hard to ensure that the Academy fulfils its pledge to provide a rich, diverse and character-building leadership programme that inspires charitable and social action, alongside a high-powered, knowledge-based academic curriculum that encourages pupils to aim for excellence in all that they do. We ensure teaching is inspirational and engaging, and that all pupils are sufficiently challenged in order to fully realise their potential, in the context of a safe and happy environment where they receive all the support they need to succeed.

Working with the Board of Trustees and Star Academies, we closely monitor the Academy’s performance and the progress of pupils to ensure that every strategic and operational decision is made in their best interests. We also ensure the Academy meets statutory requirements from both a legal and financial perspective, and that pupils’ physical and mental health is protected through robust safeguarding and pastoral arrangements.

We are committed to working closely with parents and the local community to ensure that Eden Girls’ Leadership Academy, Manchester is defined by a culture of educational excellence, character development and service to communities, and we are honoured to play a part in nurturing tomorrow’s leaders.

Jawad Amin

Chair of Governors