The vision of the science curriculum is to enable pupils to marvel at the phenomena that is the natural and man-made world. At Eden Girls Leadership Academy, we aim to challenge pupils’ thinking through enquiry-based learning, questioning and critical thinking.

We aim to encourage our pupils to develop an ambitious and positive attitude to science. We do this by combining theory-based learning with practical hand-on approaches.  By building a solid understanding of the fundamental principles and ideas that govern the world around us, we aim to provide our pupils with the skills and the belief that will allow them to be successful in an increasingly STEM world.

The sequencing of the Science curriculum allows pupils to learn in a progressive way that contributes dynamically to their academic development. As a Core subject, all pupils will study science at KS3 and KS4. At KS3, pupils will continue to develop on their learning from KS2 as we introduce key Working Scientifically Skills. At this stage pupils are introduced to many of the fundamental concepts and ideas in science. At each stage of the learning we encourage pupils to challenge misconceptions and use critical thinking and metacognition, so that they become thinkers as well as learners. Moving into KS4, pupils will follow either a Combined Science or Separate Science pathway. This will be dependent on their scientific ability and specific needs. All pupils will continue develop their practical skills, whilst working more independently and critically. In science we aim for all our pupils to develop key knowledge and transferable skills that will aide them in their future aspirations.