The study of English is essential, not only in terms of helping individuals make sense of who they are, but also in learning how to communicate successfully with the world. English Literature teaches a great deal about life, history and society and fosters a development of a range of emotions, tolerance and understanding, which is a vital part of a balanced education. Reading, spoken language and writing are the cornerstones of success and we aim to equip our students with the skills to read critically, confidently and for pleasure; to be articulate in their spoken language; and to write effectively with style and accuracy for a wide range of purposes and audiences.

The values that underpin our English curriculum include: empathy, diversity, ambition, co-operation, creativity, equality and expression.

The Star curriculum framework operates on three levels to address all students’ academic, personal and social development.

  • Educational excellence
  • Character development (leadership and entrepreneurial skills)
  • Service to communities

The English Language and Literature curriculum forms part of the vision that all students should experience a broad, balanced and academically rich curriculum. We are confident that our curriculum contributes to students’ academic learning and personal growth. We also aim to use English as a tool to contribute to students’ acquisition of cultural capital.