Creative Arts Department

The study of Creative Arts gives pupils the opportunity to engage in creative self-expression through both Music/Nasheeds and Drama. Creative Arts can have a profoundly positive impact on pupils’ emotional well-being, offering them a respite from the rigors of academia, whilst still encouraging them to develop vital soft skills. Creative Arts provides an excellent outlet for pupils to explore the issues that affect them on a day-to-day basis.

Our aim in Creative Arts is to help pupils explore the world around them and to ignite their passion and interest in Drama and the theatre. Pupils are given the opportunity to develop their understanding of practitioners and performance styles through performing and evaluating a diverse collection of dramatic texts, which span a range of genres.

Through our Music/Nasheed curriculum, pupils learn about the different dynamics of music, including pitch, tempo and timbre. Through a range of performances, they will convey and inspire a multitude of emotions and feelings.

Pupils are required to make independent decisions and be self-critical, but also take into consideration the thoughts, feelings and ideas of others. Through Creative Arts, pupils are encouraged to connect with others, inspiring them to feel and challenging them to think. They also become well versed in conveying messages through verbal and non-verbal communication, whilst considering how their work can be perceived from a variety of different perspectives. All of these skills are vital to becoming an effective and respected leader.